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DescriptionTrailed tractor rollers PB5-032 actively ensure leveling the surface, breaking surface lumps, compacting the soil after sowing and rolling meadows. The basic working elements are smooth steel rollers on a reinforced shaft. The main frame consists of 3 working sections, a main center section and two side openable sections. PB5-032 Price: 1966.95 $ Working width: 6 m Power required: 54 PS Working speed: 15 km/h HMR 2 Price: 655.65 $ Working width: 2 m Power required: 15 PS Working speed: 15 km/h Other options: - Choice of colors - Hitch type configuration: none, left, right, both - Rollers type configuration: smooth, toothed, cambridge Changelog: Fixed camera height in store. Changelog: Added new colors and adjusted shop prices.