NameDynamic Field Prices
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Description Makes Field prices more interesting. It might make sense to look out for good deals instead of always buying the closest land. Some NPCs are more greedy than others and their economic situation changes over time influencing the prices as well. An extra 10% is added when buying or selling a field. This will strongly limit field flipping. Prices change once per day. The difference to the base price in percent is shown when buying land. For more detailed information check out the project on github. (Google FS22_DynamicFieldPrices) Thanks to the Additional Field Info mod for showing a way to display more information in the map screen. Changelog: - v1.0.0.1: * Moved display in map view to make it compatible with Additional field info. * Uses i18n for display - v1.0.0.2: * Adjusted mod description * New icon - v1.0.0.3 * Moved display to the right slightly to adjust for longer words in german