NameHeadland Management
AuthorJason06 / Glowins Modschmiede
Size0.13 MB
Description Headland management for tractors, field sprayers, mowers and harvesters. With headland management, functions of vehicles can be combined and activated together at the touch of a button to simplify turning manoeuvres when working in the field. All functions can be activated and deactivated individually for each vehicle via a GUI to achieve ideal adaptation to the work being carried out. The headland management system must be added once to the respective vehicle in the shop or in the workshop as a configuration before it can be used. The cost for this is 3000,-. It can be activated and deactivated in the vehicle with Shift-X. Alternatively, different buttons for activation and deactivation can be configured. The GUI is called up by default with Shift+Ctrl+X. Included functions: - Reduce speed (cruise control) and raise again, reactivate cruise control if previously active - Raise lowered implements and lower them again - Turn plough, single-stage or two-stage (via centre position) - Raise and change ridge markers - Control crab steering - Disengage and re-engage power take-off(s) and hydraulics - Beep when headland management is activated - On/Off switch: Headland Management can be switched on and off. This prevents accidental triggering during transfer to the target field and improves road safety. - Headland automatic: Activate headland mode automatically when headland is reached. Optional return to field mode after completing the 180° turn. If VCA Mod (FS22_VehicleControlAddon) is present: - Deactivate and reactivate GPS track guidance - Disengage and re-engage active differential locks - Trigger VCA's turn function, switch turn direction optionally If Guidance Steering (FS22_guidanceSteering) is present: - Deactivate and reactivate GPS guidance If SpeedControl (FS22_SpeedControl is present: - Speed adjustment also possible via change of cruise control level If EnhancedVehicle (FS22_EnhancedVehicle) is present: - Deactivate and reactivate GPS guidance, optionally with triggering the automatic turn function - Release and reset active differential locks - Use EV's headland detection if activated Further ideas or wishes are welcome at ChangeLog: V2.1.0.0: - Improved timing of the individual work steps - Improved control of potato harvesters and similar vehicles - Lifting option added: first front implements, then rear implements - Headland automatic control now independent of Guidance Steering - Optional automatic return to field mode after turn - On/off switch added (lShift+lAlt+X) - Option to temporary disable headland automatic by key (no key preassigned, could be set arbitrarily in the key settings) - Revised status display in vehicle HUD - Vehicle measurement to adapt front/back nodes, if implement is being attached or detached - Enable manual override of trigger controlled actions - Save and restore configuration locally for type of implement - Headland management available in mission vehicles V2.1.0.1: - Local save and restore in connection with Manual Attach now affects the respective player only and not works globally - Configuration of cruise control setting in headland-mode corrected V2.1.0.2: - Fix for update 1.4/1.4.1 to prevent lua callstacks V2.2.0.0: - Support for Mod SpeedControl added - Support for Mod EnhancedVehicle added - Configuration enabled for slurry vehicles - Added option to hide keybinding info in F1 menu V2.2.1.0: - Support for Mod extendedCruiseControl added - Cruise Control: Inching added. Just choose a negative value to reduce speed in headland by this amount V2.2.1.1: - Fixed: After calling up the GUI, input actions only worked correctly, if the vehicle itself was selected V2.2.1.2: - Added category FM_VEHICLES to supported vehicle categories